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Erickson is leader in Italy in publishing, software creation, training and research in the fields of teaching, education, learning disabilities, special needs, full inclusion, applied and clinical psychology, social work and welfare.

Explore our catalogue, featuring a wealth of titles that can be considered for evaluation towards potential translation rights acquisition.

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You can get in touch with

Valeria AgiluzzoValeria Agiluzzo

Valeria Agiluzzo

with concerns to: sample requests, our catalogue information, translation rights, negotiations and translation contracts.

Elena MartinelliElena Martinelli

Elena Martinelli

with concerns to: your publishing proposals, sample evaluation procedures and timing, negotiations, managing new and existing contracts

Our catalogue

The Erickson catalogue includes a diverse range of resources, such as books, educational games, teaching tools, scientific journals and digital resources.

  • Books
    The book section encompasses practical manuals, methodological guides, and case studies, emphasizing inclusive teaching
  • Educational games
    Erickson’s educational games target specific cognitive goals for children and young individuals.
  • Teaching tools enable independent learning experiences, aligning with individual learning styles.
  • Our scientific journals, in both print and digital formats, aid continuous professional development in various fields
  • Erickson's digital resources include software and apps for engaging home exercises and classroom lessons, supporting professionals in psychology, social work, and healthcare
  • Specialized environments offer literacy and math activities for primary school students, including those with Special Educational Needs and Specific Learning Disorders.


Visit our website, available in English and Portuguese,
to find out more about our books, educational games, scientific journals and digital services

Facts and Figures

Over 2,000 books in the catalogue

35+ countries in which our titles have been translated

Over 150 Erickson titles licensed internationally

500 titles translated from foreign languages

5 international book fairs we participate in

More than 130 new books published every year

450 multimedia products

More than 2,000 authors