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Foreign Rights

Who we are
Edizioni Centro Studi Erickson, founded in 1984, specializes in publishing, software creation and research in the fields of teaching, education, psychology, social work and welfare. Our publications are well known and much appreciated because they couple innovative theory and methodology with operational suggestions, case studies and good practices.

Our way
Centro Studi Erickson (Erickson Research Institute) was born in 1984 from a centre for the reintegration and rehabilitation of persons with mental disabilities created by psychologists Dario Ianes and Fabio Fol¬gheraiter. The institute conducted research, training and consulting activities in the field of teaching and social work. Shortly after the opening of the centre, Italy passed laws prescribing the inclusion of persons with disabilities in primary and secondary schools and in the workplace. The implementation of these laws required a great number of professional figures (psychologists, educators, support teachers and volunteers) who at that point in time lacked an adequate education and training. Centro Studi Erickson has taken up the challenge of training these professionals and has been carrying out a groundbreaking work of cultural mediation introducing theories, methodologies and experiences from the English world (especially the UK and the US) into education, social work, training and consultancy. At the time of the first seminars and wor¬kshops it became necessary to prepare the first Italian translations of protocols, articles, diagnostic tools and manuals, which later reached a wide circulation and enjoyed an extraordinary reception all over Italy. That’s how our publishing enterprise was born and why today, thanks to its high scientific standards, Erickson has become a leader in Italy.

Our catalogue
Edizioni Erickson’s catalogue comprises a wide range of subjects from learning disabilities, special needs education and full inclusion, to didactics, applied and clinical psychology, and social work. Beside the volumes reserved to professionals, the catalogue also includes the series Understand with the Heart, which is directed to a general audience and focuses on self-help strategies on issues of personal and social life such as education, emotions, love, personal growth and disabilities. The catalogue also lists numerous classroom software solutions bringing together learning and playing. Erickson is not just a publisher, it is also a research centre of national renown and a leader in training activi¬ties for teachers, school principals, pedagogues, educators, and social workers. For this community, Erickson organizes every year a variety of training solutions: online courses, seminars, workshops and international conferences.

Online Catalogue: click on the cover and start to look through


For foreign rights:
Riccardo Mazzeo: riccardo.mazzeo@erickson.it
Valeria Agliuzzo: valeria.agliuzzo@erickson.it
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